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What some famous copywriters taught me -courtesy of the maestro himself

Another great snippet on copywriting that works! I learned the importance of shameless theft 30 years ago from Murray Raphel, who said, “Search the world, and steal the best.” Cynical? Not at all. It’s sound advice. Mozart – a genius … Continue reading

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Your complimentary webinar: I lied and I’m crazy – from Drayton Bird

In a fit of madness I said I would do a free webinar on copy. Crazy, because I am a bit busy on the copywriting front. And I lied because it’s about three or four other things besides copy. But … Continue reading

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Is this THE most powerful marketing medium today?

A lot of people are raving about the impact of video. As usual, they’re getting carried away. But does it work on you? I’ve found it can, if combined with a good offer. But as usual it all depends on … Continue reading

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Drayton Bird -they thought he was gay

Taken from Draytons own great “common-sense marketing”  email series A while ago a friend asked me if I was bi-sexual. I had to say no, reluctantly, because I remember Woody Allen saying it doubles your chance of a date on … Continue reading

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