Think of the 3DM team as your outsourced marketing department, no overheads and you can use our services when it suits your business.

We summarise our approach to marketing as 3DM, comprised of the 3D’s of:

  • Direction – Marketing planning- tactical to strategic
  • Direct response marketing – activity that generates a measurable result
  • Delivery – 3 Dragons in four years, your projects will be delivered

Combine this with the 3M’s of:

  • Measurement  – “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted” -we always try though!
  • Motivating offers – compelling and imaginative offers needn’t be expensive
  • Media neutrality – what’s right for you not what pays us the biggest commission

And all backed by the FDT guarantee – that is – Fully Dragon Tested.

Due to the nature of the way we deliver our service (i.e. Virtual network of marketing specialists) the range of Marketing support is pretty much endless. On rare occasions, when after discussion with the client we feel we don’t have the relevant expertise, we just say so and where possible recommend an alternative.

marketing plans


web solutions

campaign and promotions

web videos

text marketing

communication planning

exhibitions and events

PR and sponsorship

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