The New Facebook Timeline For Brands: How Will It Affect You?

A great and timely email from our friends at LTF with solutions to what may be a big problem for you if you’ve based the whole of your online marketing strategy on a platform you don’t own and have no control over – Facebook!  I can hear the cries of all the wannabe “Social Media” gurus who’ve been recommending just social media as the Online marketing strategy to adopt, give Rick and the team a call and they’ll sort you out.

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Morning, :0),What’s the issue?

Facebook has introduced (and will soon be enforcing) a new
approach to Facebook Brand/Business Pages. They will now all adopt the Timeline layout/approach that we are just about
getting used to for personal profiles.

So what?

Well. It depends how much you’ve invested in your current
Facebook Business Page, really. If nothing – then it’s no big deal. You’ll hardly notice. But if on the other hand you’ve dived in feet first into the world of Landing Pages, Competition Apps, Custom Content, Sign Up Tabs, Top Fan Tabs, etc etc – then it’s all change, and ALL IN THE BIN! (Well, not all…that was a bit dramatic!).

The Landing Page is no more.

“You have just 4 weeks to spring clean,
and to mourn the loss of your landing pages”

By March 30th, the Timeline will be compulsory for all Facebook Business Pages. So that’s a little over 4 weeks to get yourself in good shape, and to tidy up the remnants of features that are now being killed off.

One of the biggest changes is that “Landing Pages” are DEAD. It’s all about the Timeline and custom social data (something that I personally see as a great step forwards to becoming more about engagement, than collecting “Likes” for the sake of Likes).

What is look, touch & feel doing about this?

We’re offering a review service for owners of Facebook Business Pages, to ascertain which aspects need to be revamped, which can stay, and which new features can be taken advantage of, branded or customised.

How does one find out more about this Facebook Service?

Drop us an email (rick) or give us a call on 01327 828 443 anytime, and we will gladly talk you through your options.

Take care, and hope to catch up very soon.


Rick, Matt, Leonard, Jen, Simon M, Simon A, & Simon G.


About 3dragonmarketing

The 3DM team is lead by me -Graham Archer. In addition to the usual 20 plus years of marketing and Sales experience (that I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere), I can uniquely say that I've worked for not one but three of the “Dragons” from Dragons Den. More of that on the website. My main area of expertise has been in areas allied to the financial services sector. Beginning at Green Flag I was responsible for the retention strategy of 3.5 million members, as well as creating and delivering the marketing for a key affinity group for the business– Financial services – clients included Prudential, Norwich Union and many more. I then became Retail Marketing manager at First National Tricity Finance (Now part of GE). Although what the company did was “Financial” (Interest Free Credit etc) my clients were massive retailers like Argos and Allied carpets – they were interested in what credit could do for their sales so for me and my team the challenge was always much more about engaging with Retailers than understanding the technical side of finance. The “Rule of 78″ wasn’t high on the clients mind! I then went agency side to Rapp Collins where I was responsible for all the direct marketing of Abbey National (Now Santander) and then joined CACI ( ACORN etc.) where I helped clients such as – Zurich, Nationwide and Britannia Building society – both acquire and retain their customers. Then came Red Letter Days and the Three Dragons link. In a nutshell my Key skills are: marketing strategy & planning, project management and direct marketing techniques to maximise customer response and ROI.
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