Here’s a weird paradox – with practical help for you

Drayon Bird again

The other day I said that if you don’t study copy, you can’t do good marketing.

Conversely, if you don’t study marketing you’ll never be more than a low-level scribbler.

I’m sending this because I get regular requests from two types of people:

1. Those who suddenly realise that if they don’t understand what marketing is and how it works they have every chance of going broke.

2. Those who suddenly find themselves in jobs that involve marketing – and if they don’t learn fast they have every chance of getting fired.

In fact all this is prompted by a request from someone from Myanmar. I suggested to him that he go here:

Not a brilliant recording, but you may find it helpful. It’s about an hour long.

But what a silly know-all I am! I often make crass marketing mistakes myself.

One golden rule is: give people what they want. You could say that’s all marketing is about.

Well, what many of you want (I’ve known it for ages) is not just videos, but stuff to listen to whenever you have time – in the car, for example.

Have I delivered it? Very rarely. Stupid.

So what I’m going to start next week is a series of audio recordings on Marketing for Results and Copy for Results.

The quality will be better than on that clip I just mentioned.



About 3dragonmarketing

The 3DM team is lead by me -Graham Archer. In addition to the usual 20 plus years of marketing and Sales experience (that I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere), I can uniquely say that I've worked for not one but three of the “Dragons” from Dragons Den. More of that on the website. My main area of expertise has been in areas allied to the financial services sector. Beginning at Green Flag I was responsible for the retention strategy of 3.5 million members, as well as creating and delivering the marketing for a key affinity group for the business– Financial services – clients included Prudential, Norwich Union and many more. I then became Retail Marketing manager at First National Tricity Finance (Now part of GE). Although what the company did was “Financial” (Interest Free Credit etc) my clients were massive retailers like Argos and Allied carpets – they were interested in what credit could do for their sales so for me and my team the challenge was always much more about engaging with Retailers than understanding the technical side of finance. The “Rule of 78″ wasn’t high on the clients mind! I then went agency side to Rapp Collins where I was responsible for all the direct marketing of Abbey National (Now Santander) and then joined CACI ( ACORN etc.) where I helped clients such as – Zurich, Nationwide and Britannia Building society – both acquire and retain their customers. Then came Red Letter Days and the Three Dragons link. In a nutshell my Key skills are: marketing strategy & planning, project management and direct marketing techniques to maximise customer response and ROI.
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